Sony Bravia 3 LCD Micro-Display

Posted on February 27, 2007
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Bravia 3LCDToday Sony announced an upgrade to its 3LCD rear projection line, leaving behind the WEGA moniker and instead welcoming these new models into the BRAVIA family. Significantly slimed down from the older models they will be available in 3 different sizes; the 50 inch KDF-50E3000, 46 inch KDF-46E3000, and 37 KDF-37H1000. It clear from looking at these that the line between flat panel and rear projection are beginning to intersect, the KDF-50E3000 is now only 12.6 inches deep 22% thinner than it’s predecessor. Both the 50 and 46 inch models are expect to ship in July for an undisclosed price while the 37 inch will be available in May for around $1,300.


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