Eddie Van Halen Frankenstein Replica

Posted on June 5, 2007
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Eddie Van Halen FrankensteinAlthough Van Halen has not been nearly as popular in the last decade as they once were it’s important to remember the guitar genius that Eddie Van Halen is. No one revolutionized guitar playing as much as Eddie did during Van Halen’s hey day. Since inventing the guitar pyrotechnics of finger tapping, whammy bar dives and screaming harmonics, guitar playing has never been the same. To commemorate his contributions Fender is offering a limited edition replica of Frankenstein the guitar featured on the first several albums. Each dent, scratch, burn, and electronic has been painstakingly recreated to the exact spec of the original guitar. While it only cost Eddie $150 to create the original Frankenstein for a cool $25K you could own a piece of guitar history.


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