Burberry Endurance Watch

Just in time for summer Burberry has created the Endurance Watch ($525). Perfect for a day out on the lake yet stylish enough for a night out on the town, this watch looks just as great with pair of jeans as it does with a sport coat. Reflective of the Burberry style the band has [...]

Mac OS X Leopard

Today the next major OS upgrade from Apple was unveiled in the form of OS X Leopard. It’s many upgrades include a beautiful new doc system that rests above a reflecting floor and a new version of the finder that resembles something more like iTunes rather than a traditional file menu system. Other features include [...]

Alienware Hangar18

Seems as everyone and their mother is offering a home entertainment media center these days. Not to be outdone Alienware has just released their own version, the Hangar18 ($1,999). Featuring HD playback and 5.1 surround sound the Hanger18 can record all of your favorite shows with up to 4 TV tuners. To make sure that [...]

Eddie Van Halen Frankenstein Replica

Although Van Halen has not been nearly as popular in the last decade as they once were it’s important to remember the guitar genius that Eddie Van Halen is. No one revolutionized guitar playing as much as Eddie did during Van Halen’s hey day. Since inventing the guitar pyrotechnics of finger tapping, whammy bar dives [...]