4 Pli Nesting Desk

A while back we featured the MILK Desk, a customizable desk for Macs. Today we have another desk this time made of wood that doesn’t discriminate between computers platforms. The Nesting Desk by Brooklyn architectural firm Pli4 has an area to house a computer out of site while still providing the necessary ventilation. Constructed from [...]

Nixie Tube Clock

Not that we usually enjoy looking at our clocks in the morning but we’ve never woken up to the Nixie Tube Clock ($385) before. Made of beautiful cherry wood and anodized aluminum the nixie tubes add an entirely new dimension to the clock. Keeping accurate time to within 0.0003s per minute it also features an [...]

Ralph Lauren Custom Fit Vintage Polo

The weather is starting to warm, girls are wearing sundresses and you need to pull a classic shirt back out of your closet. The Custom-Fit Vintage Polo from Ralph Lauren is a return to an old school look. Instead of having to pull on a new shirt this one has been frayed and worn to [...]

Remote Control R2D2

Remember when you were a kid and Star Wars action figures were the coolest thing next to white bread? Well we certainly do and nothing takes us back to those moments as much as the R/C R2-D2 Action Figure ($29). The size of a regular R2 action figure, this famous droid is fully controllable from [...]

Paul Smith Canvas Weekend Bag

Spring is finally here and that means that those weekend trips to the beach are just about to begin. The Paul Smith Canvas Weekend Bag ($510) is perfect for those short getaways with enough room for all of the essentials plus a couple of books thrown in. Made with waterproof canvas, deep brown leather trim, [...]

Guitar Hero 2 Xbox 360

Oh to be a rock star. We all dream of it at one point or another; yes even you in the back. The original Guitar Hero was an addictively fun time killer that put the gamer in control of the devil’s music. Although the sequel has been out on PS2 for some time now, Xbox [...]