Xbox 360 Elite

As has long been speculated Microsoft officially announced the Xbox 360 Elite ($479) on Wednesday. Packed into the jet black case the Elite features an HDMI connnector and a 120GB hard drive which will enable users to download even more music, movies, and tv shows purchased on the Xbox marketplace. With a graphics card that [...]

Reef Dram Sandal

We all remember how excited we were when first introduced to the Reef Fanning Sandal. It was the first sandal to feature a bottle opener on the bottom of the sole. Many times this simple tool got us out of a jam but that’s another story entirely. The latest invention from Reef is the Dram [...]

Moleskine City Books

Travel can become complicated with very little effort especially when trying to keep track of all the sites, restaurants, and events to see. To deal with this very issue Moleskine, the company best known for their leather bound notebooks, has just launched the Moleskine City Books ($16). Each hardcover city book contains over 200 pages [...]

What’s Your Favorite Spring/Summer Sport?

The weather here in Northern California these past few days has been nothing less than spectacular. It looks like winter may have had its last gasp and spring is about to blow in here at any moment. Now is the time we all start dreaming of days spent outdoors engaging in any manner of sports. [...]

Malin and Goetz Cocktail Soap Set

Sometimes it’s nice to wake up with a cocktail. Of course this usually only happens when you’re on vacation without the worry of putting your work face on. For the every morning cocktail that won’t leave you hung over high-end cosmetics Malin + Goetz offer the Mojito Soap Set ($30). Consisting of three soap scents [...]

Serum Versus Venom

A boutique clothing line from Brooklyn New York, Serum Versus Venom or SVSV just released their 3rd collection Sartor’s Habit. Modern with a distinct urban feel, the line features hoodies, t-shirts and scarves all made on SVSV’s own two looms. Hand made from organic wool these clothes are created with a high level of detail [...]

Wooden Ipod Cases

These wooden iPod ($50) cases are the work of toy maker Asuka Koubou. Most cases detract from the simple elegance that is the Ipod, however these are a work of art themselves. Available in 3 different types of wood these not only protect your little electronic investment they upgrade the look of the entire device [...]

Philips Ambisound HTS8100

Recently shown at CES in Las Vegas the Philips Ambisound HTS8100 ($999) will be available this coming spring. Delivering full a Dolby 5.1 surround sound experience through an elegantly styled 5 inch piece of equipment it consists of five amplifiers and a DVD/CD player. In addition to the promise to deliver amazing sound it also [...]

Umbria Conceal Towel Shelf

Lacking a good place to put towels in the bathrooom? The Umbria concel towel shelf ($19) brings a clean modernistic style to any home by hiding the actual shelf giving the illusion that the towels are floating. Constructed from powdered coated steel it includes mounting brackets for an instant bathroom upgrade. Now you just have [...]

Roth Audio MC4 Music Cocoon

We all have seen and heard plenty of iPod docks by now. However, the MC4 Music Cocoon by Roth Audio is much more than just a simple dock. Sporting real vacuum tubes, when using uncompressed files this amplifier promises to reveal sounds that you didn’t know existed in your music. Created for much more than [...]

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