Motorola Startac III MS900

Yesterday Motorola announced the return of the Startac mobile phone with the Startac III MS900 ($TBD). You may or may not remember the Startac but it was the first clamshell flip phone of its kind and changed the way that people looked at mobile phones much like the RAZR did a few years later. With [...]

Sony DSC-H9 Digital Camera

Yes we know we have featured a lot of Sony products in the last 24 hours and to not break that trend just yet we have one more for you. The Sony DSC-H9 ($480) is a 8MP digital camera with an amazing 15x optical zoom. Intended for sports photography this camera features a super high [...]

Ralph Lauren Pinstripe Umbrella

Out here in California we have seen some punishing rain over the last few days. Unfortunately rain doesn’t stop work so the only question is how does one stay dry when forced to venture outside? Most umbrellas serve a strictly utilitarian purpose the Pinstripe Umbrella ($225) from Ralph Lauren however exudes a style of its [...]

Apple TV

It’s been a bit of a wait since we first saw the Apple TV ($299) announcement at Macworld. Originally thought to be available immediately it looks as if Apple needed a bit more time before it was ready for prime time. Giving users the ability to synch their iTunes library wirelessly to their PCs, Apple [...]

Tom Ford Hardcover

Tom Ford changed the fashion industry during his 10 years at Gucci and YSL by combining a unique sense of style with savy business acumen. To commemorate his contributions the Tom Ford Hardcover ($82) belongs in the collection of anyone who is serious about photography, design, and fashion. Containing a collection of over 375 color [...]

Sony Bravia 3 LCD Micro-Display

Today Sony announced an upgrade to its 3LCD rear projection line, leaving behind the WEGA moniker and instead welcoming these new models into the BRAVIA family. Significantly slimed down from the older models they will be available in 3 different sizes; the 50 inch KDF-50E3000, 46 inch KDF-46E3000, and 37 KDF-37H1000. It clear from looking [...]

Trunk LTD Concert Tshirts

Reunion concert tours are big business these days as both the Police and the original Van Halen gear up for big arena tours. Trunk LTD provides a way to show our allegiance to the bands of years gone past by reissuing shirts that are officially licensed and reproduced with the exact art of the originals. [...]

NBA Homecourt

It’s safe to say that most of us we will never play basketball in the NBA. (We know, heartbreaking isn’t it?) For those of us who have always had dreams of dropping a reverse jam over Shaq or breaking Kevin Garnett off at the knees there’s Electronic Arts NBA Street Homecourt ($60) for Xbox 360 [...]

Greendimes – Save the Planet

Do you come home to find the mail piled up and it’s all 100% junk? To produce junk mail for one year, we use 100 million trees and 28 billion gallons of water. Hopefully you’re taking the time to shred and recycle but dealing with it still remains a daily chore. Greendimes is a new [...]

LaCie Firewire Powered Speakers

Standard desktop speakers look so dated sitting next to my beautiful Mac. Not so with the LaCie Firewire powered speakers ($100) pre-order. Designed by Neil Poulton their modern fluid shape reminds me of the horns from old cruise ships and early reviews of the sound have been nothing but positive. The fact that they use [...]

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