Alienware Hangar18

Seems as everyone and their mother is offering a home entertainment media center these days. Not to be outdone Alienware has just released their own version, the Hangar18 ($1,999). Featuring HD playback and 5.1 surround sound the Hanger18 can record all of your favorite shows with up to 4 TV tuners. To make sure that [...]

Logitech Harmony 1000

In the world of today our entertainment systems are becoming more and more complicated to operate. Just a few years ago all you had to really deal with was a DVD/CD player, cable and the actual TV. Now with the addition of TIVO, MP3, Apple TV, and plenty of other components managing the systems and [...]

Apple TV

It’s been a bit of a wait since we first saw the Apple TV ($299) announcement at Macworld. Originally thought to be available immediately it looks as if Apple needed a bit more time before it was ready for prime time. Giving users the ability to synch their iTunes library wirelessly to their PCs, Apple [...]

Sony Bravia 3 LCD Micro-Display

Today Sony announced an upgrade to its 3LCD rear projection line, leaving behind the WEGA moniker and instead welcoming these new models into the BRAVIA family. Significantly slimed down from the older models they will be available in 3 different sizes; the 50 inch KDF-50E3000, 46 inch KDF-46E3000, and 37 KDF-37H1000. It clear from looking [...]