Logitech Harmony 1000

In the world of today our entertainment systems are becoming more and more complicated to operate. Just a few years ago all you had to really deal with was a DVD/CD player, cable and the actual TV. Now with the addition of TIVO, MP3, Apple TV, and plenty of other components managing the systems and [...]

Roadmaster Scrolling Message Machine

We have all experienced that moment in our lives where the jerk in front of us cuts us off or runs a stop sign. For those moments when the middle finger just doesn’t cut it there are the Roadmaster Message Machines ($60). Mount one in your back window and you can send 99 different pre-made [...]

Verbarius Clock

It’s about time that someone designed a clock that was more human than the digital variety we’re used to seeing in our homes. The Verbarius Clock ($158) answers the question “What time is it?” a different way each time it’s asked. The answer could be forty-five minutes past five, or fifteen minutes to six, five [...]

Motorola Startac III MS900

Yesterday Motorola announced the return of the Startac mobile phone with the Startac III MS900 ($TBD). You may or may not remember the Startac but it was the first clamshell flip phone of its kind and changed the way that people looked at mobile phones much like the RAZR did a few years later. With [...]

Sony DSC-H9 Digital Camera

Yes we know we have featured a lot of Sony products in the last 24 hours and to not break that trend just yet we have one more for you. The Sony DSC-H9 ($480) is a 8MP digital camera with an amazing 15x optical zoom. Intended for sports photography this camera features a super high [...]

Apple TV

It’s been a bit of a wait since we first saw the Apple TV ($299) announcement at Macworld. Originally thought to be available immediately it looks as if Apple needed a bit more time before it was ready for prime time. Giving users the ability to synch their iTunes library wirelessly to their PCs, Apple [...]

Sony Bravia 3 LCD Micro-Display

Today Sony announced an upgrade to its 3LCD rear projection line, leaving behind the WEGA moniker and instead welcoming these new models into the BRAVIA family. Significantly slimed down from the older models they will be available in 3 different sizes; the 50 inch KDF-50E3000, 46 inch KDF-46E3000, and 37 KDF-37H1000. It clear from looking [...]

LaCie Firewire Powered Speakers

Standard desktop speakers look so dated sitting next to my beautiful Mac. Not so with the LaCie Firewire powered speakers ($100) pre-order. Designed by Neil Poulton their modern fluid shape reminds me of the horns from old cruise ships and early reviews of the sound have been nothing but positive. The fact that they use [...]

Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL SRAM

The Tour of California is in full force this week letting us know that the season has now officially started. Each year about this time I start dreaming of my next bike and if I had to choose one straight off the shelf it would be the S-Works Tarmac SL SRAM ($6500) by Specialized. I [...]

Fearless 28 Yacht

Custom designed by Porsche Design Studio, the Fearless 28 features a sleek design with stainless steel intake valves and analog instrumentation. With 535 HP and weighing in at a slight 6000 lbs the Fearless 28 is capable of crusing at up to 80mph. Optional equipment includes docking assistance system, premium audio and a specially designed [...]

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