4 Pli Nesting Desk

A while back we featured the MILK Desk, a customizable desk for Macs. Today we have another desk this time made of wood that doesn’t discriminate between computers platforms. The Nesting Desk by Brooklyn architectural firm Pli4 has an area to house a computer out of site while still providing the necessary ventilation. Constructed from [...]


Computer desks all look so utilitarian these days. I’m in the process of redesigning my home office and I would like something that looks as good as the mac I keep on it. The Milk Desk ($TBD) looks to be that desk combining both style and functionality. With a number of boxes that can be [...]

ChronArte Canna

Representing time as an endless river the ChronArte Canna uses a real liquid display to show time. With twelve crystal tubes that fill with colored water over time to show change minute by minute. When the all the tubes fill the display empties and starts over. Definitely a great conversation piece for any house it [...]