James Bond Casino Royale DVD

After hoping for many years that the Bond people would finally get one right they did with Casino Royale. I have to admit I wasn’t completely sold on Daniel Craig before I saw the movie but casting him as Bond was brilliant. Gone are the gadgets and plot holes instead they are replaced with gritty [...]

David Lachapelle Heaven To Hell

I’ve been a fan of David Lachapelle since his first book Lachapelle Land. The third in the series Lachapelle Heaven to Hell is full of the color-saturated, celebrities in all kinds of outrageous costumes, sets, and situations. A truly amazing book this is a great conversation starter let’s everyone know you’re in the know when [...]

Billet Bones

Almost indestructible, these dominoes are made from 6061-T6 aluminum better know as billet. Not only do these bones look great, Billet Bones can make customizable sets for a truly unique home set. At about $330 this is one set that unless you lose them in a move you should last you the rest of your [...]


Unlike most of today’s kids, I remember when arcades were found in every mall in America. The Spincade ($5000) enables you to relive those quarter pumping days recreated in a full size arcade throw back with thousands of games available. From Asteroids to Centipede they can all be played thanks to the 12 button vibrating [...]

Greg Laswell

I was just at Sundance Film Festival 2 weeks ago and was at a private party where Greg Laswell played. I have to say this guy sounds great. His songs are soulful with quiet melodies that can set the mood of the room and make women swoon. Leaving Toledo his debut release features music you [...]

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