Malin and Goetz Cocktail Soap Set

Sometimes it’s nice to wake up with a cocktail. Of course this usually only happens when you’re on vacation without the worry of putting your work face on. For the every morning cocktail that won’t leave you hung over high-end cosmetics Malin + Goetz offer the Mojito Soap Set ($30). Consisting of three soap scents [...]

Biotherm Hydra Detox Mask

I travel a lot for my job which means I see the insides of planes more than I care to. There are many things that drive me crazy about air travel; security lines, bags of peanuts and lost luggage but what I really dread is the havoc it wreaks on my skin. On any flight [...]

Baxter Of California Skin Care

I personally hate shaving. I’m usually too rushed in the morning to do a great job but I can’t go any longer than a day without shaving or I get ingrown hairs. That has all changed now that I discovered