4 Pli Nesting Desk

A while back we featured the MILK Desk, a customizable desk for Macs. Today we have another desk this time made of wood that doesn’t discriminate between computers platforms. The Nesting Desk by Brooklyn architectural firm Pli4 has an area to house a computer out of site while still providing the necessary ventilation. Constructed from [...]

Philips Ambisound HTS8100

Recently shown at CES in Las Vegas the Philips Ambisound HTS8100 ($999) will be available this coming spring. Delivering full a Dolby 5.1 surround sound experience through an elegantly styled 5 inch piece of equipment it consists of five amplifiers and a DVD/CD player. In addition to the promise to deliver amazing sound it also [...]

Umbria Conceal Towel Shelf

Lacking a good place to put towels in the bathrooom? The Umbria concel towel shelf ($19) brings a clean modernistic style to any home by hiding the actual shelf giving the illusion that the towels are floating. Constructed from powdered coated steel it includes mounting brackets for an instant bathroom upgrade. Now you just have [...]

Rosendahl Winerack

Finding the right winerack to show off all of those Big Napa Cabs can be a bit of a headache. Space is always an issue and finding a rack that is stylish are two issues that many times may seem at odds with each other. Fortunately there is the Rosendahl Winerack ($110). Made from anodized [...]

Blueair Airpod

If the movie An Inconvenient Truth has taught us anything it’s that our natural resources are precious commodities that rapidly depleting. Indoor and out the air we breathe contains many impurities. Surprisingly though the air indoors is often worse than that outside. Enter the Airpod ($125), a minimally designed personal air purifier that is small [...]

Verbarius Clock

It’s about time that someone designed a clock that was more human than the digital variety we’re used to seeing in our homes. The Verbarius Clock ($158) answers the question “What time is it?” a different way each time it’s asked. The answer could be forty-five minutes past five, or fifteen minutes to six, five [...]


Computer desks all look so utilitarian these days. I’m in the process of redesigning my home office and I would like something that looks as good as the mac I keep on it. The Milk Desk ($TBD) looks to be that desk combining both style and functionality. With a number of boxes that can be [...]


Unlike most of today’s kids, I remember when arcades were found in every mall in America. The Spincade ($5000) enables you to relive those quarter pumping days recreated in a full size arcade throw back with thousands of games available. From Asteroids to Centipede they can all be played thanks to the 12 button vibrating [...]

ChronArte Canna

Representing time as an endless river the ChronArte Canna uses a real liquid display to show time. With twelve crystal tubes that fill with colored water over time to show change minute by minute. When the all the tubes fill the display empties and starts over. Definitely a great conversation piece for any house it [...]