Credit Card Survival tool

Ever need that one tool to fix that small screw that keeps falling out? What about opening a bottle miles from anywhere? Worry no more with the credit card survival tool ($12). Combining 11 separate tools ranging from a screw driver to a wrench, this tool can definitely save you in a pinch. Of course [...]

Mac OS X Leopard

Today the next major OS upgrade from Apple was unveiled in the form of OS X Leopard. It’s many upgrades include a beautiful new doc system that rests above a reflecting floor and a new version of the finder that resembles something more like iTunes rather than a traditional file menu system. Other features include [...]

Alienware Hangar18

Seems as everyone and their mother is offering a home entertainment media center these days. Not to be outdone Alienware has just released their own version, the Hangar18 ($1,999). Featuring HD playback and 5.1 surround sound the Hanger18 can record all of your favorite shows with up to 4 TV tuners. To make sure that [...]

Eddie Van Halen Frankenstein Replica

Although Van Halen has not been nearly as popular in the last decade as they once were it’s important to remember the guitar genius that Eddie Van Halen is. No one revolutionized guitar playing as much as Eddie did during Van Halen’s hey day. Since inventing the guitar pyrotechnics of finger tapping, whammy bar dives [...]

Nixie Tube Clock

Not that we usually enjoy looking at our clocks in the morning but we’ve never woken up to the Nixie Tube Clock ($385) before. Made of beautiful cherry wood and anodized aluminum the nixie tubes add an entirely new dimension to the clock. Keeping accurate time to within 0.0003s per minute it also features an [...]

Paul Smith Canvas Weekend Bag

Spring is finally here and that means that those weekend trips to the beach are just about to begin. The Paul Smith Canvas Weekend Bag ($510) is perfect for those short getaways with enough room for all of the essentials plus a couple of books thrown in. Made with waterproof canvas, deep brown leather trim, [...]

Moleskine City Books

Travel can become complicated with very little effort especially when trying to keep track of all the sites, restaurants, and events to see. To deal with this very issue Moleskine, the company best known for their leather bound notebooks, has just launched the Moleskine City Books ($16). Each hardcover city book contains over 200 pages [...]

Wooden Ipod Cases

These wooden iPod ($50) cases are the work of toy maker Asuka Koubou. Most cases detract from the simple elegance that is the Ipod, however these are a work of art themselves. Available in 3 different types of wood these not only protect your little electronic investment they upgrade the look of the entire device [...]

Philips Ambisound HTS8100

Recently shown at CES in Las Vegas the Philips Ambisound HTS8100 ($999) will be available this coming spring. Delivering full a Dolby 5.1 surround sound experience through an elegantly styled 5 inch piece of equipment it consists of five amplifiers and a DVD/CD player. In addition to the promise to deliver amazing sound it also [...]

Roth Audio MC4 Music Cocoon

We all have seen and heard plenty of iPod docks by now. However, the MC4 Music Cocoon by Roth Audio is much more than just a simple dock. Sporting real vacuum tubes, when using uncompressed files this amplifier promises to reveal sounds that you didn’t know existed in your music. Created for much more than [...]

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